FienagioneAline Jean Paul
The Family

We are a large family and each one of us has a specific role within the farm business or in running the farm holidays.
Elsa, the mum, with her 20 years of experience as a chef, delights our guests with Valdostan dishes and her own recipes – so much so that guests would like to take her away with them for her to cook in their own homes! She also looks after the vegetables, jams and pickles and does lots, lots more – like all mothers.
The dad, Carlo, the sons Jean Paul and Patrick, Uncle Martino, Aunt Alma and Aunt Livia mostly see to the farm business: breeding cattle, making cheeses and cured meat, growing greens and potatoes and tending the vineyard.
Iris, Jean Paul’s wife, and Elsa’s daughter Aline look after the farm holidays, the kitchen and dining room and the sale of cheeses.
And let’s not forget little Sylvie, who – tiny though she is –enchants the family and the guests with her radiant smiles.