mucche al pascolo La regina del latte la Desarpa
The Farm



Chief among the farming operations handed down the generations within the Perrin family is cattle breeding.
Today, our grandparents’ small herd of 5-10 cattle has been transformed into a modern, medium-sized business comprising 20 hectares and 50 cattle.
Mindful of our ancestors’ hard work, we breed our stock with dedication and fervour.
We keep to the traditions handed down to us while also applying modern techniques.
We raise the native Valdostan breed of cattle, which is good for both milk and meat.
Furthermore, this is a robust breed.
The animals can cope with the sloping mountain fields and the transfer to summer pasture.
This is an age-old practice that involves moving the herd in summer from Mazod, at 1,400 metres, to the “Pro Sec” alpine pasture that lies above 2,000 metres, in order to exploit different altitudes. Some of the milk is sent to the cooperative dairy Valle del Cervino, which mainly produces Fontina cheese, and the rest we use ourselves to make fresh cheeses, yogurt, various types of Toma cheese and the Torgnon Blue. From our meat comes cured meat products (motsetta, boudin, saouseucce), to say nothing of the delicious dishes that our guests can savour at Boule de Neige and from our little shop.
In raising cattle, we pay great attention to the animals’ welfare: our business, and therefore our income, depends on our cattle – so we try to look after them to the best of our ability!